Thursday, July 30, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

Rocklands Season!

Rocklands season is awesome, and one of the people who cant seem to stay away is Cody Roth. This seasom he added several new lines to the area, including the big ships-prow feature in the video frame above. In addition to climbing hard he's also the number one coffee man in the campsite. He even brought a milk-foamer from Austria to make proper capuccino.

The weather is awesome... two days of rain in the last six weeks. I'm climbing a lot now and only pulling out the camera when something big is happening. Yesterday I added a low start to a problem Nalle put up and named it 'The Original Method'. Then Nalle re-named his problem 'The method that was used prior to the original method'. Poll question: can you re-name a problem you put up? I called dab but then we had to go to a Lekker Braii with Team Austria and so the debate ended in favor of beverages and flame-grilled meats.

Cheers from SA

Friday, July 10, 2009


The season is off to a great start here in Rocklands. I've been ramping up my bouldering and would like to try to tick off some hard problems this season. Jamie sent Shosaloza today which is great for him to be able to send such a world class problem. I'm struggling to get coverage of all the climbing going on down here but it's really fun to be surrounded by energy and talent.

There's some rain in the forecast which brings the streak of good weather to a close, should it hit tomorrow as predicted.

Nalle did a great FA at a new area we're developing called the Beverage Sector. Hard V12 I'd say for this one. The crux move is like a mirror image of Slashface. There are some more good problems to be done and I look forward to some more filming. The photo here is a frame from the video.

Happy sending!