Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Two tricks

Here we see Nalle Hukkataival performing two of his tricks: Flashing a V11 and opening a beer WITH A BEER. Please comment as to which you find to be the coolest / most important skill. Both of these amazing video clips are now part of the Font chapter in Pure, which features 98 V-points of climbing, several tricks such as opening a beer with a beer, and some of the raddest socks you have ever seen.

The beer in France is remarkably cheap. In fact, Nalle commented that if beer was that cheap in Finland there would be no people left to drink it because they would all be dead.

Have a nice day.


Mannphoto said...

good stuff Chuck!

Situner said...

Personally, I find the opening a beer with a beer beta FAR more useful at this point.

If I ever get to the point where I can SMELL Vdoubledigits, I'll no doubt be calling for the other secret.

Keep it up!


Tom Blackford said...

The beer trick for sure. It's something I've only mastered a handful of times whereas climbing V13 doesn't seem to be something I'll manage anytime soon. Looking forward to the vid.