Monday, June 1, 2009

More Red Testing

I've been continuing to test the new Red One system. Lots of ins and outs to it but I'm gradually getting used to working with the new format. Today my official Red LCD was delivered, which will help me to better gague exposure values of the footage. Up to (and including the linked footage here) I was using a video monitor that connects to the camera through an auxiliary video feed, and the monitor itself is not top quality so I was having a hard time judging focus and exposure. But now with the real camera data being displayed I should be able to get these settings dialed in a little better.

Click the link here for the latest round of footage, from last weekend. Big thanks to Nelson Carayannis for once again being a very loyal assistant and safety man. We had the red up on a crane for the first time this weekend and it was a bit terrifying, especially as the lightning and rain storms moved in and out of our area, sometimes striking within a mile of where we were located.

Click Here for some Red Footage from Last Weekend on Youtube
(dont forget to watch in HD!)


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