Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Motorsports are lame

But the coverage from Top Gear is without a doubt some of the sweetest (and most well-financed) video ever. Just wait till the end:


J V said...


Suburban said...

Don't be a hater Chuckles!

You only wrote that to annoy me. Motorsports, and Rallying in particular are RAD.

That is an awesome video. James May is Hilarious.

dorsey said...

actully i searching for the chuck tv show .then i reached here.and i watch this video. this is very nice video.you are creating very good blog. your thought is very nice.

Belcher said...

TG is easily one of the best programs on TV, period. Aside from their top-notch commentary and analysis, the images and production is so so good. HDR processing for the win!