Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reviews and Updates

We've got some reviews in on CORE, and we went ahead and made a little secondary marketing push now that the film is out and apparrently it's a hit.

We also updated our web site with some examples of recent commercial work. Check out the KFC and Bona Kemi ads for a glimpse of what we've been up to since CORE's release.

Our biggest advertising job to date: National cable DRTV ad for Swedish Hardwood Floor manufacturer Bona Kemi.

A :30 ad for KFC celebrating the greatest sandwich of all time. The Double-Down.

Click Here to Check out the Commercials!

Stephanie is hard at work on our next newsletter, which will *hopefully* contain some exciting news. These are fun times at Chuck Fryberger Films. Life is good!

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tendon said...

Wow! that lady really likes to handle that Bona. What a long smooth shaft that Bona has!

this is to easy....