Thursday, September 30, 2010

Last week we cruised up to Aspen to shoot a fragrance commercial for our portfolio, showcasing the newest scent from Nolo Contendre, Source. Here I am scouting locations at the Maroon Bells with Art Director Colette McInerney. As you can see we were brimming with excitement! At least 20% more excited than the lurkers in the background!

That energy carried over to the day of the shoot with an early start. Temps were chilly and we forced our model to trudge gracefully through a swamp at sunrise, dressed almost exclusively in ribbons. She was a real trooper.

It wasn't until about 11am that Nelson began to sober up. Or maybe it was the ribbons that were just so intoxicating....

But, once he did it was definitely business time.

In the afternoon, we went up Independence Pass for some close-ups by the river, and then on to the top of the pass for sunset. Here are some shots to enjoy, including a couple still frames of video:

Keep an eye out for the finished commercial which will be up shortly on our soon-to-be-unveiled NEW WEBSITE!

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