Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some Nutrition Tips

Yesterday Nelson gathered us around for some serious advice. It's not very often that he puts on his serious face, but it was clear he had something important to share.

"Huddle up everyone, bring it in. I've got something I need to share."

Nelson said he knew we had all been wondering where he got his moxy... where exactly his game came from. He was now prepared to show us.

As it turns out, it all starts with nutrition.


sock hands said...

word. just telling tim about my first trip to joe's valley. left my house at 2:45 am on saturday to drive solo to a place i had never been in hopes of meeting cudney early enough to get a full bouldering day. i did. but not after making the mistake of pouring folgers crystals in my mouth and swishing with pop when falling asleep at the wheel somewhere at the hairpin turn section just before glenwood springs. uggh.

Suburban said...
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Suburban said...

Let me try that again with better spelling.

I Love when you guys blog! Please keep it up. Really, you are far more entertaining than you imagine.