Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Andre DeFelice

I've just finished cutting a video about Andre DeFelice, a very strong young boulderer from Fort Collins. He managed to send Freaks of the Industry (V 13) a couple days ago and I was there to shoot it. Inspiring stuff Andre. The video will be released soon on http://www.momentumvm.com/ so keep your eyes peeled for it. Here's a photo of Andre at the crux of the problem.

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sock hands said...

ok, i'm psyched on the blog, but unlike all other blogspot blogs, when i click on the photos of your blog, it takes me to a pit of death where i cannot go back... i click back to return to the blog's main page and it kicks me back to the expanded photo in a cycle of doom and infinity until i die of starvation. i assume that's a blogspot quirk and not a fryquirker

in any event, post more photos immediately.