Monday, May 18, 2009

Flip Someone Off.... For a Good Cause

Flannnery, the bravest little finger breaker in Denver.
To learn more about her cause, please continue reading.

We've all heard about broken fingers, and the unthinkable damage they can cause to an individual, a family, and a community. Most of us sit around typing, making food, and doing other finger-related activities without even thinking about our ten little workers on our hands, without whom we would be nothing more than mitten-like freaks, unable to turn a page or write with a pencil.

Recently our group of friends has had to deal with the loss of the use of one of our teammates fingers. Flannery Shay-Nemirow currently has a broken middle finger, apparently from climbing too hard. Her finger is currently in a splint, keeping it straight and immobile for a period of five weeks.

The devastation has hit home. How do I get rid of this hollow feeling inside me?


A fun way to raise awareness about broken fingers in America

The goal of Flip-off for Flan is to raise awareness about broken fingers in America, and the hardship they cause. We are encouring everyone for the next five weeks to show solidarity with those who have been hit hardest by this problem and raise your middle finger as a sign that you support Flan and all the other Americans who are living through the everyday challenges of having a broken finger.

Our message is gaining momentum. After only a week of promoting Flip-off for Flan I have recently heard that our message has made it as far as the roads of California, where one of our team saw the secret hand symbol many times driving on the roads of Los Angeles.

Won't you be part of this tsunami of support? Next time you are with a loved one or a stranger, remember to flip them off..... for Flan.

You can flip-off with your friends!

You can flip-off with a hat! Try it! It's fun!

Mike Haugen, Everest-summiter. "This is the most meaningful thing I've ever done. We're here for you Flan."

Even her brother is a supporter, wow, what a sacrifice.

Remember, raising awareness is as easy....

as raising your finger.


sock hands said...

i've been flipping her off for the last couple years as a salute every time she tops out another one of my projects! so i think i'm, like, the original #1 supporter and fan!

Olson said...

Asher's finger is surprisingly short.

Obviousjesus said...

Chuck, and everyone else involved in raising awareness,

Thanks so much, I've suffered from the Broken Finger Syndrome for something like two months now, and during that time I have heard stories from fellow sufferers that just break my heart.

I've seen people whose fingers don't straighten all the way, and others who can't completely close them.

It means so much to me, to all of us, that there are so many people out there supporting and talking about the cause. It's really important to get this information out in the general public, because, not to 'fear-monger', BFS can really hit any time, any place.

Let me just say again, thanks for the continued support, I just couldn't go on without you all by my side.

Love Ya!