Friday, January 29, 2010

Nalle gets the 2009 Golden Piton

My main man and featured PURE and CORE athlete Nalle Hukkataival has recently been awarded the 2009 Golden Piton from Climbing Magazine for his bouldering achievements of the past year. If they had an 'Urban Ninja' award I'm sure he would have taken that too. I'm proud that the staff of the magazine chose an appropriate photo for their news: NALLE TRAINING IN INNSBRUCK

As soon as I heard the news I called Nalle, who is in Spain at the moment doing some sport climbing. He agreed to give me a brief interview about the award.

Chuck: Hey Nalle, I'm glad I was able to reach you on your cell phone.

Nalle: Yeah, well even here in spain I can get some service.

CF: I wanted to congratulate you on your recent award. The Golden Piton! That's great!

Nalle: Yeah, a piton. What the f*ck am I supposed to do with a piton? I dont even ice climb.

CF: I think it's more of a symbol...

Nalle: Yeah but I mean, why not give me something useful like a beer or a.... (pauses) ... different kind of beer?

CF: Well I dont think that is really the point.

Nalle: Okay, but the colors clash with the other colors in my van. I mean, I guess I could change the whole color skeem to accommidate the award, but I've got a great purple and pink thing going in there now and I think I'll stay with it.

CF: Purple and pink? Is your english failing you?

Nalle: No.

CF: How did you decide to go with those colors?

Nalle: Well, I've been sport climbing a lot lately, and those colors seemed to really embrace my feelings at the moment.

CF: Excuse me?

Nalle: I've just become a lot more thensitive. Sorry, sensitive.

CF: Wow, okay. So tell me about the ladies in Spain?

Nalle: Well mostly I've just been hanging out with other athletic young men who climb.

CF: Oh, okay. Well if you had to describe the feeling of getting the Golden Piton, what would it be?

Nalle: Super.

CF: Thanks for the interview.

Nalle: Ciao!


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What the fock is that?

Funny post Chuck. Nicely done!