Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Poll Question

What is the maximum resolution of your biggest display?



Heikki said...

My computer has a 27" 2560x1440 resolution display, but my 40" tv that is hooked up to the proper sound system is full-hd 1920x1080. And that would be the display-of-choice to watch Core. With music booming!

flouSH said...

1680x1050px on a nice 22" HP screen (could 24"... doesn't matter ;)

i appreciate your focus on the technical details. i think most people don't know what quality really means these days - you do.

thanks & keep on filming,
flow from germany/frankenjura :D

Dennis Barnes said...

1680x1050 on Dell 22'' LCD

Kakis said...


Jesse and Colleen said...


joe said...

Just stick with a 720p, 2 gig download, like Progressions. You will lose in image quality what you gain in increased resolution, due to compression, if you go 1080. You need a 50" screen to really tell the difference between 720 and 1080 anyway.

Louis said...


Movecrafter said...

I'm thinking I'll offer two flavors of download. The question is... what resolutions and what file sizes.

I'm thinking 1600 x 800 might be a good balance (it's shot in 2:1, not 16:9)

Stay tuned here and I'll release some more tests soon to get some more info on how various kinds of compressions look.