Sunday, February 28, 2010

CORE Trailer


After over a month locked into the edit suite, I'm finally ready to let CORE off the leash. The trailer goes out now, and the film will have its world premiere at the Boulder Theater on April 7th. It will be available worldwide on Blu-Ray starting in April, and then in May it will be out on DVD and HD Download. We have dozens of screenings coming up, so check for the updated tour calendar as we add shows in North America and Europe.

We started filming in June 2009 and wrapped our last shoot day just seven days ago. Behold, 9 months of work distilled into 3 and 1/2 minutes.


Lee said...

The work was worth it. Terrific trailer! Just great.

Unai said...

looking foward

flouSH said...

WOW! your work is just breathtaking. this quality of picture and content is just mind-blowin'

thanks (for posting this prior to the countdown end ;)!

@Nalle: one german saw it by now ;) your pronunciation needs to get improved a lot! i almost didn't understand you. if you need a place to sleep while climbing/bouldering frankenjura and getting your german fixed - let me know. i'm serious.

best wishes, flow

eric said...

chuck, looks awesome! so pumped to see it. I've probably watched Pure 15 times now, and this looks even better. Keep up the inspiring work.

Situner said...

HOLY F-beep CHUCK!!!!!

I'm psyched!!!


nick.brown200 said...

awesome! what song is this?