Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sean Hannity rips on my girlfriend

As those of you who follow the excellent climbing-news blog B3 Bouldering already know, Fox lackey Sean Hannity recently counted down the biggest waste of taxpayer stimulus dollars and who landed in the #2 spot? My girlfriend, Sarah Marvez. Well, not actually her, but a building of her design.

She recently designed Movement Climbing and Fitness in Boulder Colorado under Jim Logan Architects in Boulder. This building is one of the largest carbon-neutral buildings in the country, meaning that over it's lifespan, it generates net zero carbon emissions through use of solar power and efficient energy usage.

This is a little remix I did that compares his candor and appearance to Dr. Clifton L. Gayness Jr, also probably a mouthpiece for the Rupert Murdoch of his day.

Sarah should be proud. If you make #2 on Sean Hannity's list of anything bad then you're probably doing something VERY RIGHT. Keep it up girlfriend!


Suburban said...

Way to Go Sarah! Nice post, Chuckles.

leif said...

wow, just wow. fox reminds me of the worst kind of young republican, the kid who tears things down for no other reason than to fill a hole with ego where self-esteem long ago fell out.

but, nice publicity.