Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yesterday, this happened.

Dont forget to vote. And remember, always vote republican. If hard-working Americans like George Bush can pull themselves up by their bootstraps and achieve success, so can anyone. I mean think about it, one minute he was a normal kid, and just a few short years later he was snorting cocaine off hookers.
You know my friend down the street, Exxon? He was finally able to report a 4-Billion dollar profit last quarter. But what happened? Big government wanted to place a tax burden on him. Now he cant even afford to feed his family. It's just so hard to make ends meet these days.
I worked hard to pull myself up by my bootstraps by having my parents pay for my college education. Now why doesn't everyone just use their bootstraps and get a college education? Why should hard-working americans like me be burdened with big-government to pay for programs to support lazy people who cant even be bothered to have their parents pay for their education?
Always vote republican, that's basically the point.

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