Monday, February 23, 2009

A start and an end

First off, thanks to everyone who came out to the premiere on friday. What a great feeling to get to show your work on a big screen for the first time. I hope everyone enjoyed the circus performers as much as I did!

If you pre-ordered a copy of the DVD at the show, I'll be sending those out today.

It's always a great feeling to launch a new film. I've done it many times before but this one was my first crack at a full-length climbing film since I graduated school so in many ways it felt like my first real premiere. There's more than a final grade on the line with Pure...

At the end of the evening when I returned home I was totally relaxed for the first time in months. I've finally let the film go out on its own and in doing so I can now focus my energy on other things. I went climbing on both Saturday and Sunday, and between the two days I came away with about 130 points of bouldering. It's crazy... as soon as the movie is done I literally feel ten pounds lighter!

for the next couple months I have to keep my head down and promote pure and support all the screenings coming up. I'll announce all the European dates soon and so the calendar will be quite full. come April I'll have a little down-time to train for Rocklands season before heading back down there for another season of FA's and hard repeats.

On wednesday I leave for Ethiopia for twelve days, then I'll be back here for a few shows then off to Europe for the Pure Tour. It's a busy time but I'm psyched to have this lifestyle. And as Nalle says in Pure... 'I wouldn't change it for anything'.


Diggity said...

Pure is awesome Chuck! Matt is dying to see it. Let us know the easiest way to get a copy from you without having to wait for the post office!

Movecrafter said...

I'll have some at my training session tonight...

meet me there?

or at my house for beerz?

sock hands said...

chuckface: if you give my copy to matticus i can get it from him and save postage. thoughts? let me know. word.

fabian said...

when will it be possible to get it in Europe? And where?

Movecrafter said...

JJ: I forgot to give your copy to Fiona to give to Matt to give to you. I'll just mail it today because after tomorrow I'm OUT!

Movecrafter said...

We are just now getting product to the distributor in California, so it will about two - three weeks before it is available in Europe.

Feel free to contact me off the blog if you need a more exact date or contact info for the distributor.

sock hands said...

word. psyched!

Situner said...

Just finished watching Pure and I must say it is INCREDIBLE.

The contrast in color in EVERY scene is absolutely amazing. Be it between the climbers shirt and the rock, or the pads and the background, it all is so beautiful I could not look away.

And that isn't even taking into consideration the incredible athletes and problems!

Very well done Chuck.

In my mind, this will be a bar with which to gauge future climbing films.


The DVD extras are GREAT.

The italian contest and Nalle pulling the hold off had me laughing and rewinding more than I care to admit.