Monday, February 16, 2009

This Friday!

Don't forget! This Friday is the world premiere of Pure at The Boulder Theater. I hope to have everyone there from the Front Range community, so don't forget to tell your friends about the show. If you're coming from a ways away, you might want to book a ticket early on the web site so you are guaranteed not to leave empty handed.

Last weekend was the ABS nationals at The Spot in Boulder. Daniel Woods put on a clinic called 'Here's how you win a bouldering competition'. Paul Robinson took second, making a gutsy decision to compete despite a less-than-perfect ankle, and Sean McColl came in third. Everyone was climbing in good form and it was a fun comp to watch.

I did some live video feeds for the comp, keeping all the spectators up with what was happening on the problems by using two big-screens and four cameras.

I had Andy Mann, Scott Neel, Nelson, and Sebastian Hatt shooting video, and all the streams fed to my Control Room where I mixed the video and sent it out to the projectors. I had never done any live video work previously but it was pretty fun and not too hard. Not nearly as much concentration needed as compared to DJ'ing.

Sunday was a great day at Morrison. Fun climbing on all the problems in cold air and warm sunshine. I got about 100 points of climbing in so I'm stoked.

This week I'm planning on filming a short piece for Athletik Spesifik to air before Pure on Friday. Dave Wahl is supporting the event and hopefully we will be able to drum up some business for his awesome strength coaching program.

Take it easy!


climbingnarc said...

The addition of the video projection was a nice touch. I'm guessing you wouldn't have minded if the quality of the projectors was a little better but overall I thought it was a big plus. Next online streaming???

BTW, I said hi to Sarah Saturday night but didn't get a chance to say hi to you. Perhaps next year.

Good luck with the premier this weekend.

Situner said...

Can't make it to the Pure Premier due to working.


Hope you all have a great time, and I can't wait to see it!