Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How much is 7000 Kwh?

The Enercon e-126 wind turbine.
I just read that the worlds largest wind turbine has been installed in Germany, and the estimated production of the generator is over 7000 Kwh. How much is that? I asked Sarah how many Kilowatt Hours the new climbing gym in Boulder uses, and she said it was designed to use about 14 Kwh.

This means that the Enercon turbine could, by itself, power 500 large commercial buildings... especially those that are designed to be effecient.

The turbine also has adjustable blades that better cope with varrying wind speeds, allowing it to operate efficiently in a variety of conditions. It was also designed to cause minimum harm to bird life, a over-hyped 'downside' of wind generation. Last time I checked, the Exxon Valdez caused a bit of harm to wildlife too.

The interior of Movement Climbing and Fitness in Boulder, CO - A city where I do not live.

I'm finally beginning to feel human again after a long season in Rocklands. I'll have some other posts from the bouldering mecca of the southern hemisphere in the coming days, including an update from the Elizabethfontaine Primary School, where we were able to make another donation this season.

Yesterday was my birthday and today I'm going to Red Rocks to watch Top Gun. Will I dress up like Maverick? AFFIRMATIVE.


Cady said...

Look forward to the coming posts! Oh, also a late Happy Birthday Chuck!

sock hands said...

happa birfdey mang!

word to the turbines.

even at the fastest speeds, turbine blades move slowly since they are so large. any birds that die do so because they flew themselves into the blades, not because the blades were samurai slicing.

thusly, darwin kills birds, not wind turbines.

flouSH said...

great post ;) there're some nice vids on youtube on the turbine. great stuff... i'm looking forward seeing the first footage of the offshore park they're building here in germany.

happy bday!

cheers, flo