Thursday, August 6, 2009

Livin Large - Project Real Big Goes Down!

The Finnish wonder-kid Nalle Hukkataival has, after twelve long days of attempts, finished the amazing project we were calling Project Real Big. Naming it Livin Large and proposing a grade of 8C, this is Nalle's hardest problem to date and his hardest first ascent. The climb now ranks among the most difficult in Rocklands and the entire world.

Livin Large is the single most daunting boulder problem I've ever seen in my entire life.

Nalle Hukkataival

Spirits were low for a little while as we spent day after day gathering the needed pads and spotters and doing the hour-long hike to give the project a handfull of burns at dusk, right when conditions were perfect. Walking home every night empty handed was starting get pretty old, and our political capital was beginning to run pretty thin with everyone we were borrowing pads from. Thanks go out to everyone who contributed by carrying a pad, a tripod, or just their carcass to spot all the way up to the area. Special thanks to Team Norway who let us borrow all their pads on multiple days while Nalle was taking attempts.

Livin Large takes the prominent right arete.

Yesterday the conditions were perfect and after a few tries he managed to get through the powerful moves at the bottom of the problem and hang on all the way through the pumpy finish to complete the problem.

Nalle on Project Real Big during an unsuccessful attempt.

Unsuccess on Project Real Big.

I filmed the entire process of working the problem and the final send with the Red One and the footage is amazing. Nalle picked the best lighting possible for the send - the mark of a true professional. My next video is picking up momentum and I should be able to have a release together for next Spring. Nalle and I are now finishing up our development of the sector, dubbed the Champagne Sector. Today we added a couple new problems and maybe tomorrow some more will go in. The area is looking like it will be a good addition to rocklands and I'm psyched to make my contribution to the area by opening yet another great new sector.

Nalle starts the celebration after the big send. Livin Large!


hayden said...

do you have any photos of oliphants dawn or golden shadow? i do not think i have ever seen these guys and would be curious.

m said...

great news! looking forward to seeing the footage...

will you guys please draw up a topo for your new sector? would be great to check it out some time!

shams said...

Bravo Nalle!
Congrats from france!

BaGsiE said...

Skumppaoikeudet kuntoon!