Monday, August 24, 2009

Saturday at the Park

Had a great day at the park with Rich and Thomas. Put up a new problem (I believe) to the left of the Not Bacon wall. Starting the same as the V7 on the big sloping rail, but traversing right through powerful gaston moves to a big jug and a moderate top-out. I thought this problem was about 7 points. I had to breathe very hard to send, because this was my first visit to altitude since spending the summer at sea level in South Africa.

I did a lot of mileage on some great moderates, and finished the day with a quick send of Sunspot, a classic V11 just off the trail. It was the end of the day and I had just failed near the top and was ready to go home, but everyone was like 'just rest and give it one more try'... this was already about 10 hours since we left the car... but I rested for about ten minutes and sent next try.

Lesson: when your tired friends say to give it one more try, cause it looks like you're close... LISTEN TO THEM! THANKS THOMAS AND RICH!!

I dont have a picture of sunspot, but I googled it and found one:


Olsen said...

Sunspot is V10.
Professor Chaos.

sock hands said...

wish i coulda gotten up there sooner, but alas, no. didn't get to blocks till 6ish. booooo.