Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My big Eco-project... Final Cut!

Today I found out that a big project I've been working on is finally ready for release. The video was made on a grant from the Department of Energy and it is designed to help educate home owners about some of the ways to make their homes more energy efficient. I am proud of this project because I like to think that I'm contributing to positive change with my video camera. With all the travel I do to film climbing I have a very large carbon footprint on the planet, and hopefully projects like this help to offset my fossil-fuel lifestyle.

Please check out the video on my portfolio page at my web site:

Today I am doing some scheduling for the coming months, coordinating my various projects and trying to cram them all into my calendar. I also made a batch of 'Tuna Snax', which is a great recipe I am developing. A couple more refinements and I'm going to make a video to share my invention with the world. Thanks to coach Dave I can barely lift my arms above my head today. Thanks, Dave.

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