Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not your normal evening

So at the end of the Nature Valley shoot we were all feeling pretty good, because we had shot some great material. We decided to work on a ad for Doritos that we will enter into the doritos super bowl ad competition. The odds of winning are low, of course, but it's worth a shot. And honestly, the shoot was so fun it was worth it no matter what.

Basically we found a bar called the Buckhorn and they have (not surprisingly) a deer head mounted on the wall. Darren and the rest of the team wrote some dialogue that basically set up the situation that the main character, Nelson, was in fact the hunter who shot the deer, and the whole situation is an awkward reunion. Nelson offers the deer some Doritos.


Situner said...

Wicked man!

Bagging Doritos is ALWAYS the right answer.

Movecrafter said...

Well put. That is indeed the case. Nelson was not so psyched on doritos though after about take #30.