Saturday, November 8, 2008

Today was day number two on the Nature Valley shoot. We worked very hard on the 'penultimate' nature valley shot, where our talent eats a granola bar and then we do some camera movement to reveal the landscape that they are looking at. It took quite a few tries to get the shot, but I think we were able to come up with some good material. Who ever edits the piece will have lots of options. It's a bit strange to be shooting a piece that will be edited by someone else. I'm very accustomed to shooting for my own edit needs and style, but not knowing what exactly the editor on this piece is looking for prompts us to be more thourough and make sure we have good coverage of all the various elements needed for the commercial.

Nelson has been in good form, lightening up the workload on me, and keeping things on the set light-hearted, which is very good to cut the stress inherent in the power-struggle that seems to be a constant source of frustration whenever producers and directors get together.

One interesting thing to note: during the interview portion of the shoot today, we had the athlete against a background of a high alpine lake. During the interview, with cameras rolling, a bald eagle dove to the surface of the water and took a trout from the lake. The actual take appears in the left portion of the video frame. Quite a coincidence... and very good luck.

Tomorrow we're working on a slightly different project. Details on that later.....

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