Sunday, November 16, 2008

Switzerland and Fred

Switzerland is an amazing place. I have to say the people here have a very high standard of living. Things are expensive, but everything is clean and tidy and the trains are always on time. I have been filming Fred on some amazing stuff. Today we went to an area and as Fred was climbing there were huge orange leaves blowing across problem. Certainly some of the best video I've ever shot... an amazing athlete in a perfect setting doing incredible things.

Tomorrow I have a ticket to take the train down to meet Fred's brother Francios who is also a very strong climber. He will show me some new boulders he has and I am looking forward to adding another name onto the roster for Pure, especially someone so talented as Francois.

I have started my euro-english accent. Here's some stuff I said today:

"do you know where is the restroom?"
"he seems very sympatic" (french for 'friendly')
"what is the time of which these trains are running?"
"perhaps we first take a coffee and after that we catch the train."

Also part of the Euro-accent is speaking english slowly and more clearly than normal, so you all will have to forgive me when I get back to the US because I may speak to you as though english was your second language. sorry in advance.


Nelson said...

Chuck charles Chuck

Few Questions?
1. Is it true that they only eat chocolate bunnies in switzerland?... thats what i herd from someone who knew someone's cousin that went there for an exchange program

2. Was the great city of Zurich built only with swiss army knives

3. dose Macguyver really reside there.

4. Are the banks really all that

Situner said...

Absolutely Beautiful!

Can't wait to see the footage.

Movecrafter said...

Thanks Nelson,

They do not only eat bunnies here. They eat many things. As far as I can tall, the economy of Switzerland is built on the following pillars:

Swiss Cheese (they just call it cheese)
coucou clocks (french spelling)
bars of gold
timetables for trains
yodelling instruction manuals
matterhorn figurines
minature snow shakers with matterhorn figurines in them.

Autumn said...

You don't know me, but I thought I'd tell you your post was interesting. What kind of movie maker are you?