Sunday, January 25, 2009

Carter Lake

Last weekend a large crew went up to Carter Lake to see what the conditions might be like. Conditions were good. The rock in Carter is a frustrating texture, with some painful little pebbles that you always wind up needing to jam your knuckle into. I saw my good friend Sean Drolet up there, and Jamie Emerson came out as well. Sean pointed me towards 'Train in Vain' which is a difficult traverse problem. I blew the flash quite quickly and then figured out what I screwed up. On my next try I linked through the early crux and held on through the death-pump finish to complete the problem. I went up to Meatrope after that and gave some tries on this problem. I had tried Meatrope lots of times before but with no success. I believe one of the holds had broken since my last time on the route, and so initially I thought chances were not so good for this line.

I gave it about 20 tries and finally ground out the last moves on tiny crimps to get the top. Photos above are from Sarah. It was a good day on good rock with a great crew, and I'm psyched to get out a little more often once my film is finished.

I gave the unofficial world premiere of Pure last night here at my house to a few of my friends, and they were psyched. I'm really happy with the way the film turned out and I cant wait for the premiere at the Boulder Theater on Feb 20th. (mark your calendars!)

I'm going to be doing some major promotional efforts for Pure this week and I plan on releasing the trailer in the next couple of days. It had a great reception at the trade show in SLC last week and I cant wait to release it to the world.

Have a good one!

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sock hands said...

word, chuckles. for the record, i myself broke three separate foot chips while i was working it a handful of years ago. the long moves used to be easier due to a positive chip you could toe in on... definitely harder in its current state.

did any of the crimps snap off?