Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cody Roth and JT - Death Battle Approaching

Many of you might remember the famous scarf cody uses from my video with him in South Africa. He confidently delivers the 'and now, I will rest with my scarf' line shortly before sending a very hard boulder problem. Well, there is a man named Jonathan Thesenga who is very intolerant of scarf-related media and he threatened to kill Cody if he ever saw him wearing "that stupid f*cking scarf ever again". Well I have sad news to report... the scarf is making a second appearance in a video soon to be released on MVM.

So if you have anything to say to Cody you only have a few days to do it.


J V said...

What does Cody say about the scarf?

Movecrafter said...

Well, He says he thinks the scarf is cool. I think the scarf looks nice, but some people are haters.