Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just in Time

Sunday was a perfect day of bouldering in the Flatirons. My friends Justin Jaeger, Andy Mann, Ben Scott, and TJ Burchfield came out and we went north from Eldorado Canyon to check out some boulders where there were some established lines as well as some projects to try.

The photo is from Andy Mann. It is of one of the projects I sent, which I named 'David Bowie' because I think this problem is a real rock star. It's a great problem, with a obvious start, interesting moves, and an exciting jump at the lip.

I hope to get up to the Flatirons a couple more times before the raptor closure takes effect. I tried an amazing project that would definitely need a little more cleaning and a lot more effort to try to send.

Today I am continuing work on Pure, completing the assembly of the segments. I've started working on the trailer but that will go back on the shelf for a little while until the DVD is finished.

Last night was a great workout with Dave Wahl, my strength coach at Athletik Spesifik. Jamie Emerson, the famous bouldering legend known for cutting edge first ascents such as 'center route in my tennis shoes' has started training with us and he is incredibly strong. It will be crazy to see what happens when Dave's program takes him to the next level.

Have a great day!


Mannphoto said...

Great session! David Bowie is an amazing line and first on my list of to-dos this year. Let me know when you go back for the big boy...

sock hands said...

oh nooz mr. emerson and mr. wahl!

how bout this: you strong bitches all eat icecream and pizza and watch dvds all day. then, mr. wahl will be free to meet me in my basement for early morning climbing torture and i will get my time in the sun, dominating the landscape like rah hisself. i will irradiate the earth with mad skillz!