Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Supporting the Tunesmiths

I have just finished cutting checks to cover the soundtrack licenses for Pure, and in total, my film will be putting about $5000.00 into the pockets of independent musicians from around the world. Many video producers use 'exposure' to convince musicians to give away rights to their music for free. They then incorporate the creative work into their video by the extremely difficult process of 'drag and drop'. When the video is finished, they charge enough to make a profit and then return exactly 0% to the musicians.

I'm not a fan of this system, and I love being able to support other creatives during tough economic times, when creativity is generally the last thing anyone can afford.

When I was studying music technology at CU Denver all the audio geeks had this mantra:

Audio without video is Radio.
Video without audio is a surveillance system.

I'm working on the Pure trailer, and it should be finished soon. Stay tuned.

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Sander said...

Chuck please talk about what your video has to offer other than how much your spending, well all know that your the only one who does this. Out

This is not the same sander that everyone knows in boulder, different guy..