Wednesday, April 28, 2010

CORE in Brazil

I just got word that the CORE show in Brazil was a great success. Our host there prepared Portuguese subtitles for the film, and he said that many more people showed up to see the film than what they expected.

CORE in Brazil, blog post (in Portuguese).

Awesome to have a representation in Brazil. I would love to visit Brazil some time to do some climbing and some filming there, and meet all the cool people.




Fernando Lucas said...

come on down here man! plenty of cool stuff to climb and film...
the film was amazing, loved the slow motion efects.

Samurai said...

You shouldn`t wait more to come here!! We live in Goiania, 120 km from Cocalzinho de Goias where there is uncountble boulders to climb and film and have fun.
The film was more than I`ve expected. Amazing lines and production. Congratulations!!
Hope to meet you here in Brazil!