Monday, April 5, 2010

An Early Review

So I guess whenever anyone says anything about a "FILM", you are supposed to put it inside these laurel things. Usually you see pretentious film festival awards featured inside these little plants but as many of you know I could care less what a panel of judges thinks about my films. I got a comment earlier today from an early blu-ray buyer and I thought it was worth re-posting here, so I put it in some laurels so as to adhere to tradition.

Please join us at the World Premiere of CORE at the Boulder Theater on Wednesday at 7pm.



Situner said...

chuck dood.

enjoyed the blue-ray last night! Sickness.

Can't make premier in Boulder, but I will see you at the "City Rock" stop down here!

Nice work man, and enjoy the release and tour that comes with!


Chuck said...

Word, thanks Situner.

leif said...

chuck, the show was awesome. i really enjoyed everything about it. your cinematography was superb. it was great to see even minute details when we were up close. it was over too soon... ha.

great interweaving of themes and hitting various angles of everyone. i like the backstory. i think you have a lot of great work ahead of you.