Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Athletik Spesifik

As a climber I'm always looking for ways to tackle those inspiring and often blank walls I find myself drawn to. It could be a variation to a contrivance I want to try when I'm out with my friends drinking PBR's on the weekend, or it could be the international dream project. After returning from Mallorca at the end of 2007 and being a little disappointed with my climbing there, I decided to start training with Athletik Spesifik. I was already pretty satisfied with my climbing ability but I wanted to see if I could squeeze the lemon any harder. Seven months later I went to Rocklands and had a great trip, having successfully elevated my climbing to my next personal level.

The value of training in a program like this is different for everyone. In my case, I already had the discipline and work ethic, just not the guidance. Dave's approach to training helps you put your effort where it pays dividends in climbing. He mixes it up, keeps it interesting, and Dave is a real hawk-eye when it comes to form and safety.

If you live in the Denver / Boulder area I would consider giving his program a look. Taking revenge on your project from last season is sweet, sweet nectar indeed.

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Situner said...

Makes me want to do it!

And I'm the laziest beer-drinkinist climberer to evar lace up a pair of mythos and wear his harness in the "practice cave".

Just sayin.