Sunday, March 22, 2009


Catch-a-mouse update: We have beaten the game. We are the rulers of the universe. If you have not played Catch-a-mouse you need to do it. Like whoa.

Last night was a great show here in Innsbruck. The community came out in force to check out the show. The venue has a great sound system and we played the movie at volume 11 so everything sounded awesome. It wasnt really a movie theater, but mainly a night club. The picture quality was good though, and after the movie we kicked the party off Austrian style.... meaning lots and lots of Red Bull drinks. I called it good after a couple beers and went to work on the turntables, closing the place down at about 3am after 2 hours of spinning.

We had a few representatives from La Sportiva Italy at the show. As the main sponsor of the film I was glad to be able to present them with such a good audience. I think they were psyched with the overall event.

After the party was over me and Nalle were standing around in the detritus and discussing the incredible contradiction of filming aesthetic natural problems in nature and then celebrating in a basement night club. Or to celebrate athletic achievement by slamming redbull and Vodka. I counted two people on crutches last night, and Nalle signed at least one cast. (photo above)

Anyways, we have a short break before the next shows in Zurich, Salzburg, and Verona so we will likely get some snowboarding in as well as some bouldering.

Photos of people dancing are always so lame. Its impossible to take a good dancing photo. Boy, am I glad that none of the photos from last night will ever get out, because I started doing the robot at about 11:30 am and I didn't stop until 1. If any of those photos ever got out that would be really embarrassing.


Diggity said...

Awesome Robot - the look from the girl next to you is great.

Giulia said...

Ehi Chuck, great show! Thanks a lot to you - Cody & Nalle for the hospitality and the awsome organization of the event! Hope to see you soon... Giulia&the rest of La Sportiva staff in Innsbruck

Situner said...

SICK! Looks like you are having a great time and an awesome tour with the flick!

And remember, the robot is ALWAYS a good idea!