Thursday, March 12, 2009

Red Feather update from Jamie

I was just sent an e-mail from my good friend Jamie Emerson, who has been on a tear lately in Northern Colorado. Jamie has been training hard and he is psyched as ever. A while ago I challenged Jamie to a internet controversy battle but to his credit he didn't accept. Jamie is a well-spoken fixture of the bouldering scene here in colorado... a gentleman and a scholar. Here's the message he sent me this morning:

It's your pal Jamie. I just wanted to congratulate myself on some recent sending I've been doing in Red Feather. Last year you mentioned that your problem 'The Product' is incomplete and that someone strong needs to link the moves at the end to complete the problem. Well I went there and I couldn't figure out which end you were talking about so I focused my energy on the bottom end. After two days of effort I have managed to add a contrived variation to The Product that I feel is much harder. It uses the same holds as your problem, but instead of taking them with your feet I take them with my hands. This is surely the best variation in Red Feather. It adds over eight moves to the start of The Product, counting of course the well-known fact that the placement of each finger pad is one move. Check out the video: you can clearly see me taking the footholds with my hands and then proceeding up to the drop-off. I rule.

Sincerely, Jamie.

Mastodon V12 from Jamie Emerson on Vimeo.


tendon said...

Ohhhh snap!
for real, someone has called someone out.

I knew if I waited long enough I wouldn't have to say what I wanted to say a week ago.

shamamie gonna be salty over tis one

Movecrafter said...

Childish internet bickering is indeed a cherished past-time of our community, no?

The best part is when I see Jamie at our training sessions and we pretend that we dont read each-other's blogs every day.