Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back in Innsbruck

I'm back at Cody's house in Innsbruck. Cody is sorting out the last details for our first few showings of Pure, and we are expecting Nalle's flight to come in later this evening. I'm psyched to be back in Austria and really looking forward to putting my film in front of some more audiences. We also have DJ's lined up for our after parties and I'm looking forward to bringing Underground Chuck out of retirement and spinning some vinyl... hopefully mellow stuff at first.

At this point, I've had the film in front of enough audiences to know that the reaction will be positive. But getting people to show up to a film is a hit-and-miss proposition at best. When you do hit a big crowd though it's a great feeling.

If you know anyone in the Innsbruck area, Facebook or otherwise, let them know that their presence is requested at The Weekender on Saturday night.


Allison said...

good luck man - it hope it's a rad show for you! can't wait to get a copy so we can have a viewing with my crew back here! cheers!

Diggity said...

Quick PREFACE before anyone sees Pure - it is awesome!

Movecrafter said...

We all know its called a pre-pology. You can even ask Flannery. Have a good weekend everyone.